Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience

Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience, tour from €210 - this is your unique opportunity with an experience a memorable gyroplane journey while discovering Europe, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Autogyro flight Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience From: €210

From: €210

  • Gyroplane Flight Experience
  • 2 nights Luxurious Accommodation
  • Transport
  • All Breakfasts
  • Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Night Out

Location: Northern Ireland


The sky is the limit with our Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience! Gyroplanes or Gyrocopters, are a cross between a fixed-wing aeroplane and a helicopter. They are a type of rotary-wing aircraft that uses lift generated by wings revolving around a central mast. It looks similar to a helicopter however, uses a non-powered rotor to create lift, and an engine-powered propeller, to provide thrust.

A gyroplane needs around 50 to 125 metres to take off but only a metres to land, which makes them one of the safest aircraft to fly. After a quick brief, you will be suited up and strapped into your gyroplane, for a breath-taking trip around the countryside.

Your qualified instructor will give you a quick rundown on the technical detail before showing you what the aircraft is capable of. You can sit back and enjoy the scenery, or if you want to get hands-on, you will be able to take the controls and fly the plane yourself!

In a Gyrocopter you won’t feel turbulence. It is possible to fly lower than small aeroplanes and helicopters without compromising safety, so you will feel safe while you enjoy outstanding scenic views. If you have always wanted to fly, then this is the perfect activity for you!

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How to fly a gyroplane in Northern Ireland?

How much does it cost to fly a gyroplane in Northern Ireland?

Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience costs from €210. The cost of the flight depends on the duration of the trip.

Can I take a photo or video while flying a gyroplane?

You can and even recommended to take photos and videos. Take your camera with you and you will make your travel experience Gyroplane Flying Northern Ireland experience unforgettable.

What should I take with me?

For your convenience, please wear sportswear and sports shoes. Take your sunglasses and also sunscreen will be helpful too.

Can I fly the gyroplane myself?

To fly a gyroplane yourself, you need an appropriate license. If you have such a license, then in some cases we can provide you with independent control of the gyroplane. You need to warn in advance about your desire to independently control the gyroplane and provide all the necessary documents.

Can I take my child on a flight?

For flight safety, children under 7 years old are not allowed to board the gyroplane.

What precautions do you take for Covid?

We sanitize our headphones and microphones after each flight!

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