Malaga on board 30 minutes Gyroplane flight

Malaga on board 30 minutes Gyroplane flight, tour from €190 - it's is your chance to have an incredible gyroplane journey while discovering Europe, Malaga, Spain

Autogyro flight Malaga on board 30 minutes Gyroplane flight From: €190

From: €190

Flights every hour: – 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Location: Malaga, Spain



The gyroplane is a rotary-wing aircraft, in other words, it flies like an aeroplane, but the wing is a rotor that spins due to the action of relative wind passing through it from the bottom upwards. It’s a hybrid between a fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter.

The session begins with a brief explanation about the gyroplane and how it works. Then, once equipped, the participant and the pilot will get into the gyroplane and start flying. The flight takes 30 minutes and once the aircraft has lifted off, choose your destination and… Let’s go!

Our flight philosophy is based on safety. To achieve this we control three parameters: pilot experience, weather conditions (although the gyroplane can handle even moderate turbulence, it is better to have a stable atmosphere for the passenger’s enjoyment) and an integral maintenance done in the ELA factory by specialized engineers, in order to make this experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.


The gyroplane is a unique aircraft, which has been around for several decades. These were the first rotary wing aircraft to fly effectively and with sufficient control. The design of the gyroplane is one of the most versatile in aeronautics and most definitely the safest and most reliable ever built.

We offer flights throughout Malaga province and surrounding areas, flying along the coast as well as inland, where you can see the stunning sea, vegetation, cliffs, mountains and lakes. The gyroplane’s open cockpit provides a larger angle of vision and a total feeling of freedom, leaving the thin-winged aircraft and its charms in a second place.


Just imagine having the chance to enjoy this unique experience. This is more than just a fun day out of the city; this is the opportunity to learn more about the operation of this friendly aircraft and also, to see Malaga from an aerial view so you can appreciate it in its full magnificence.

The gyroplane is a challenge for most audacious daredevils, if you have no previous experience, don’t worry! With our continuous assistance you can fully enjoy this fantastic flying session.

Believe it or not, it is much safer than a conventional plane, because if the engine suddenly stops, the aircraft falls smoothly thanks to the free rotor system. Do you dare to fly through the skies in this marvel?

Additional Information

– The minimum age to fly is 16 years old. Children over 12 years old can fly with parental permission.
– The flight hours are orientative and vary on various factors such as weather conditions.
– Gyroplane flight, experienced pilot, necessary equipment for the activity, brief theoretical notions, civil liability and accident insurance.
– It is recommended to wear comfortable and sporty clothes.

About Cancellation Policy

– Cancellation 4 days or more before the agreed start date of the activity. You will be automatically refunded the full activity fee.

– Cancellation between 48 and 96 hours before the agreed activity start date. You are reimbursed 50% of the full activity fee.

– Cancellations submitted less than 48 hours before the agreed start date of the activity are considered as last minute cancellations. No refund will be possible.
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How to fly a gyroplane in Malaga, Spain?

How much does it cost to fly a gyroplane in Malaga, Spain?

Malaga on board 30 minutes Gyroplane flight costs from €190. The cost of the flight depends on the duration of the trip.

Can I take a photo or video while flying a gyroplane?

You can and even recommended to take photos and videos. Take your camera with you and you will make your travel experience Malaga on board 30 minutes Gyroplane flight unforgettable.

What should I take with me?

For your convenience, please wear sportswear and sports shoes. Take your sunglasses and also sunscreen will be helpful too.

Can I fly the gyroplane myself?

To fly a gyroplane yourself, you need an appropriate license. If you have such a license, then in some cases we can provide you with independent control of the gyroplane. You need to warn in advance about your desire to independently control the gyroplane and provide all the necessary documents.

Can I take my child on a flight?

For flight safety, children under 7 years old are not allowed to board the gyroplane.

What precautions do you take for Covid?

We sanitize our headphones and microphones after each flight!

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