Become A Pilot For A Day

Become A Pilot For A Day, tour from €212 - this is a one-of-a-kind chance for you to experience a breathtaking gyroplane journey while discovering Australia

Autogyro flight Become A Pilot For A Day From: €212

From: €212

Location: Hawkesbury River, Australia


Gyroflight offers you a once in a lifetime experience. Take off from our airfield at Somersby (NSW central coast) with accredited flight instructor Rick Elliott (he has over 2,500 hours flying time) for a flight over the beautiful central coast or a destination of your choice.

The view from up in the sky is absolutely breath taking and the adventure gets even better when Rick hands over the controls to you (our Autogyro has dual controls) – it’s much more exciting and interactive than being a passive observer in a helicopter.

Do I Need A Pilot’s Licence?

No. That’s the great thing about your Gyroflight adventure, as it is a Trial introductory flight you will be allowed to take control of the aircraft if you wish. You are in very safe hands, Rick your pilot will talk you through every step and is there to look after you.

Flight Path

The most popular flight is our 40 minute adventure which takes in the coastline from The Entrance down to the Hawkesbury River ($220 inc. GST). Rick has flown extensively throughout Australia and can customise a trip to suit any individual requirements. The gyro has a three hour fuel range so the sky’s the limit. Another popular flight is a tour of the Hunter Valley and then fly coastal from Newcastle down to the central coast and do a bit of whale watching on the way.

Is It Comfortable?

It is similar to riding a motorbike, a warm insulated flight suit is provided along with a compulsory padded safety helmet. The helmet has an intercom system so that you can communicate with Rick during the flight as well as listen to other aircraft flying at the same time.

Safety Assured

A gyrocopter flies in what is called an auto rotative state – or “autorotation”. This is the state that a helicopter switches over to if it loses engine power. So, if you feel safe in a helicopter you will feel even safer in our German built Autogyro. There is a maximum weight limit of 110kg per person.

Additional Information

What People Say About Gyroflight

“If you love fast cars and fast motorbikes… they have nothing on this machine! We settled into a really magnificent flight from Somersby up to Nora Head Lighthouse, over Tuggerah Lakes and then we tracked down the coast to Box Head, then went inland to Somersby. What is great is that the machine is one which smooths out the ride. A gyro can fly on days when other machines are in their hangers. Was I worried during the flight? Mate, NOOOOO! I’m here to have fun! That is all there is to it! People say "But what if..." to which my answer is - you just land it! These things can land on a postage stamp. I did it myself!” - Nic

“It’s like a motorbike in the sky! My flight was magical. I really enjoyed the sensation of taking off. Before we knew it we were up in the air. We went over the water and had a pod of whales under us then followed along the cliffs tops at Terrigal. The view is so interesting and I also found it relaxing. I thought before going up that I might feel uneasy but I didn’t feel anything like that at all - not one minute. I would definitely recommend it, in fact, I would like to buy a gyrocopter for myself!” - Virginia
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How to fly a gyroplane in Hawkesbury River, Australia?

How much does it cost to fly a gyroplane in Hawkesbury River, Australia?

Become A Pilot For A Day costs from €212. The cost of the flight depends on the duration of the trip.

Can I take a photo or video while flying a gyroplane?

You can and even recommended to take photos and videos. Take your camera with you and you will make your travel experience Become A Pilot For A Day unforgettable.

What should I take with me?

For your convenience, please wear sportswear and sports shoes. Take your sunglasses and also sunscreen will be helpful too.

Can I fly the gyroplane myself?

To fly a gyroplane yourself, you need an appropriate license. If you have such a license, then in some cases we can provide you with independent control of the gyroplane. You need to warn in advance about your desire to independently control the gyroplane and provide all the necessary documents.

Can I take my child on a flight?

For flight safety, children under 7 years old are not allowed to board the gyroplane.

What precautions do you take for Covid?

We sanitize our headphones and microphones after each flight!

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