AutoGyro Los Angeles Discovery Flight

AutoGyro Los Angeles Discovery Flight, tour from €265 - it's is your chance to have an incredible gyroplane journey while discovering California, Los Angeles, Northern America, USA

Autogyro flight AutoGyro Los Angeles Discovery Flight From: €265

From: €265

  • A 1 hour discovery flight in an AutoGyro
  • Flycom headsets
  • FAA Certified instructor

Location: Los Angeles, California


Jump on board for an introductory flight lesson where you get to take the controls your very first time in the air.

Think of an ultralight AutoGyro as the equivalent to a powered hang glider. Powered by a motor, the AutoGyro picks up speed along the runaway, and before you know it you’re hundreds of feet above Los Angeles. The Ultralight trike is a unique aircraft in that it’s navigated entirely through weight distribution. Given how easy it is to handle, the experience is incredibly hands on!

A thrilling 1-hour hands-on flight lesson
FAA certified pilot
Beautiful landscape views

Voted one of the “best things to do in L.A.”, a trike flight is actually one of the best kept secrets in town. You’ll fly above world famous sights with nothing but the open air around you!

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Additional Information

Fitness and Experience
No particular level of fitness is required
Passengers must be at least 8 years or older
Max weight 250 lbs
What to Bring/Wear
Wear weather appropriate, comfortable clothing
Must wear closed-toe shoes
No loose articles including a camera or phone are allowed during your flight
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How to fly a gyroplane in Los Angeles, California?

How much does it cost to fly a gyroplane in Los Angeles, California?

AutoGyro Los Angeles Discovery Flight costs from €265. The cost of the flight depends on the duration of the trip.

Can I take a photo or video while flying a gyroplane?

You can and even recommended to take photos and videos. Take your camera with you and you will make your travel experience AutoGyro Los Angeles Discovery Flight unforgettable.

What should I take with me?

For your convenience, please wear sportswear and sports shoes. Take your sunglasses and also sunscreen will be helpful too.

Can I fly the gyroplane myself?

To fly a gyroplane yourself, you need an appropriate license. If you have such a license, then in some cases we can provide you with independent control of the gyroplane. You need to warn in advance about your desire to independently control the gyroplane and provide all the necessary documents.

Can I take my child on a flight?

For flight safety, children under 7 years old are not allowed to board the gyroplane.

What precautions do you take for Covid?

We sanitize our headphones and microphones after each flight!

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